Metal production

The company has a metal workshop and provides a wide range of metal structures and production of various products range.

The company provides the following services:

·         Provides qualified nonferrous metal welding services;

·         Manufactures according to customer requirements:

    Metal structures;

    Heavy metal structures;

    Stainless steel constructions;

·         We take your ideas and building the product to your specifications. The company manufactures custom metal products

          (supporting structures, columns, beams, struts, stairs, fences etc.)  in a range of gauges and material including black stainless steel.

      ,,POREMO“ pays a lot of attention to product quality and longevity.

Qualified staff is the key to our successful business. The company employs highly qualified personnel with more than 15 years of
experience in the building field. Most of them have participated at various construction projects both in Lithuania and Baltic countries.
 The company has a professional equipment  and expert staff, available to seek best results. 

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